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Since your zodiac sign is Cancer, you are perfectly suited to help your Virgo child learn to be more gentle with himself. You, Cancer, can speak to him about how to overcome fears of failure and help him build up his self confidence.

So, yes! This can be a wonderful meshing!

Love and Compatibility for September 2 Zodiac

I am a libra. I have not had good relationships with virgos.

Virgo Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

My child is a Virgo.. I am afraid. Do libras and virgos get along? So, you and your Virgo child can find common ground in staying on track and taking care of the details. This is a terrific combo because it will allow you two Goddesses to work together on projects in harmony. I feel like Libra is a sign that can connect to any other sign, Virgo included. Virgos and Libras are very different people but should have no problem complementing each other, especially in the parental role.

You are absolutely correct! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and thank you for visiting BuildingBeautifulSouls. Since he started to move around, crawling, walking etc. He hates it. I have older sons who are quite different. They love to cuddle. Have you got any words of wisdom for me?

Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Oh, Libra mommy. Libra is emotional and wears it on their sleeves — and pants and hats and socks and…well, you get the picture! Virgo is wound too tightly for that.

34 Best Virgo Personality images | Aquarium, Aquarius, Astrology signs

It embarrasses them because Virgos are prim and proper. They see emotional tidal waves as a problem to be fixed. I am a Virgo and my son is as well. I am afraid of what our relationship will become when he gets older. My son is so sweet and loving, but he is very needy and as an adult I am not. My mother said he is me in male form as a child I am just wondering if we will clash or synchronize.

My husband jokes and says we are going to take over the world. If you look only at how a Virgo mom and Virgo child might interact the positive point is that you two can accomplish great things because you operate like a well oiled machine. The negativity will come in that both of you nit pick till people lose their wits!

Easier said than done but forewarned is forearmed! I have 4month old baby Virgo, and this sounds very helpful, thank you!! What about his relationship with Aquarius-sister and me, mother- Scorpio? Any advice?? Thank you so much.. Any advise for an Aries mother to a Virgo son, 2 years old? I feel for you. They desperately want attention, reassurance, and to be baby-coddled even as adults. The best you can do is simply keep showing your Virgo boy how much you love him.

September 14 Zodiac is Virgo - Full Horoscope Personality

This life is his journey and only his soul will be able to decide how much to let you in and when. I do love what is said about the Virgo child being so loving though. My humble apology for the delayed reply. As a Taurus mom, yes — you two are likely to clash. This includes my husband and I and three older brothers. Any words of advice? Thank you in advance.

Apology for delayed reply.

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Wellllll, bringing a Virgo into any household is challenging enough but with Virgo baby flanked on all sides by fire you definitely have your work cut out for you. Hi Bernadette, My baby is a Virgo with a moon in Scorpio. It seems like this is such a serious and negative combo with lots of inner conflict to overcome. Even as a baby he can be very serious and intense! Any advice on how to help him navigate these challenges? You two must love each other very much! OK, soooooo — yes. The internal conflict your Virgo child is likely to have could be significant.

Your baby will need lots and lots and lots and lots of love and reinforcement of self-worth. When Libra wants to bail on that because it gets too hard, call on the Capricorn in your soul. I was wondering if you had any pointers for how to sleep train him? He likes to wake up every two hours and just seems to want to be held. I want to go on record as saying that A. Because you and your husband are water signs, your baby downloaded a TON of emotion and love while in the womb.

Throughout their lives, Virgos need constant reassurance of love.

Virgos in Relationships

You and your husband gave that baby so much love while he was in the womb that he would naturally keep wanting that feeling. ALL children develop at different times and in different ways. Hi I am a Leo sign and is my husband and our baby will be a Virgo.

Any advice. My husband and j are both perfectionist and thrive for the best worries me we will put to much pressure on our already Virgo baby that is like this. I am so excited about our potential relationship but worry about handling a little perfectionist. Being a little flighty at times, how do I give my baby boy the structure he needs. What does that mean for me? They require so much attention, and I constantly feel pulled my all three. We have an amazingly strong bond, we are mother and daughter but already best friends. I an 11 year old Virgo-Libra cusp with a Taurus moon sign, sister.

Virgo Traits

My younger sister is a full out Aquarius with a Scorpio moon sign. I feel that we dont get along that all but at the same time we do. Any advice? Hello, I am a Leo mother and my daughter is a Virgo with a Scorpio rising and a Libra moon, with the sun in Virgo is there anything I need to worry about? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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  7. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. December 1, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Amanda; Virgos have a tough time no matter what sign they are interacting with. Hope that helps! Love, Bernadette. December 4, at pm Reply.

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    Hope says: I am a libra. December 20, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Apologies for the tardy reply. Was on vacation. December 26, at pm Reply.